Utah Mathematical Olympiad


2014 Results

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Utah Math Olympiad! Here are the top five finishers.

The following prizes will be awarded for these placements: $155, $80, $65, $65, and $50, respectively.

In addition to recognizing the top five scorers, we would also like to award $20 for the best solution on each of the following problems.

The student with the best solution to the pre-contest was Benjamin Pachev. He will receive $25. We also received essentially correct solutions from Jeremy Anderson, William Li, and Yang Yan. We commend all four of these students for their solutions. The scores of all participants are included in the link below (sorted by ID number). If you cannot remember your ID number, please email contact@utahmath.org using the email that you gave us when you registered for the contest, and we will send you your ID number.

2014 UMO Scores